Hi Ladies! While I know how wonderful the holidays are, I also know how stressful and daunting this time of year can be. Decorating the house, finding that perfect dress for your holiday work party, getting food for all the potlucks you’re invited to, buying tons of gifts for your friends and family on top of managing your everyday life, it can be a LOT. Girl, trust me, I know the struggle. I’m hoping my Holiday series of gift guides, makeup tutorials and style post will help elevate some of the unwanted stress. Today we’re starting out with a gift guide for the chic professional.

(From left to right)

The Gray Trench – Give your sister-friend a little something that’s a bit different from her traditional black coat. This gray trench will turn any Plain Jane outfit into a timeless, classic number. If you want to get your money’s worth this year, spend it on something that she’ll be grabbing over and over again. Especially, if she lives in DC…one, can never have enough thick coats! Click here

Ralph Lauren Tote – I’m always on the hunt for the perfect work bag. I need a bag that will fit my laptop, my planner, my lunch, my makeup essentials and my wallet – a lot, right? Well, this tote definitely fits the bill. Not only is it spacious, it comes in different colors. If she needs a little pop of color in her life, the bag comes in dark pine, bourbon and falcon. Click here

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint – One can never go wrong with a classic red lip, especially one like RihRih’s new lip paint. As a professional, she’s probably in and out of meetings, grabbing lunch on the go and ending the day pretty late. The last thing she needs to worry about is her lipstick wearing off or smudging. One good application in the A.M. is all she’ll really need. Besides that, Fenty Beauty is all the rage right now. She’ll definitely be excited about this gift. Click here

Agenda / Planner – This one is a no brainer. As your professional friend has a jammed packed schedule, help her organize her life with a cute planner. Stylish, interactive agendas from brands like Band.o, Erin Condren and Kate Spade make planning a whole lot easier. I adore my Band.o agenda! Not only is it the cutest planner ever(!), it comes equipped with stickers that will have her thrilled to start planning for 2018.

A Wine Subscription – Girl, yes! Tis’ TRUE…While the myth of Santa is questionable, this subscription is not! It is very much real! When my good friend Grace told me about Winc, her wine club membership, I almost fell out of my chair.  Give your friend something to wine, pun intended, down with this holiday season. She’ll love you forever. It’s free to join. Get more information about the subscription here. Click here

Anything Coffee – As a professional, WE NEED OUR COFFEE. Or at least the majority of us. Some people can go-and-go-and-go without a sip of coffee, but if your friend is anything like me, girlfriend isn’t going ANYWHERE without her Jo. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over these glass mugs. A personalized mug with her favorite type of coffee or even a gift card to her favorite coffee shop are always good ideas as well.

Well, ladies, I hope these gifts were helpful. Shopping for people can be difficult, but I hope this eases the stress a bit. The next gift guide is for your makeup loving friend. Stay tuned!


Happy Monday My Loves!

I hope you are all recovering from Thanksgiving and preparing for the Christmas holiday! I adore this time of year. Expect tons of content coming your way. My first gift guide of the year will go out later this week. It’s dedicated to all your makeup loving sister-friends! They’re going to thank me later. Hahaha! Anywoo, today’s blog is all about my everyday 15 minute makeup routine. I like a very simple makeup routine in the morning to free up my time instead of worrying about what look I’m going to do for the day. The only thing I’ll change, depending on my mood, is my lip color.

In the video, I’m using some of my holy grail products like my Spiked Eyebrow Pencil by MAC, Monsieur Big Mascara by Lancome’ and Currant Lip Liner by MAC. All the products and their direct links are down below. I hope you like the video! 


E.L.F. Lipstick Blushing Brown
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
MAC Studio Fix Concealer NW 50
MAC Brow Set – Clear
MAC Spiked Eyebrow Pencil
Black Opal Foundation Truly Topaz
MAC Swiss Chocolate
MAC Paint Pot Groundwork
Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette
NYX Eyeliner Pencil Black Noir
Lancome’ Monsieur Big Mascara
Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder
Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder
MAC Blush Raizin
Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlight  Chic Phreak
MAC Lip Liner Currant

Thanks for watching my loves! See ya in my next one!

Per usual – Stay sweet, Stay classy. <3


Happy 1st Day of Fall! I can’t believe I’m saying that. This year has literally flown by, but I’m okay with that! Fall is literally my favorite time of year. I get giddy, because now the temperature starts to drop, the leaves change colors, lipstick and nail polish gets darker, booties and otk boots come out of storage and the aroma of vanilla scented candles greet you with your morning jo. Not only that, IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON! But I digress.

From beauty to tech, nowadays sleek innovation, architecture and chemistry are at the forefront of brands’ strategies. Take Rihanna’s new goldmine project, Fenty Beauty, for example. With it’s undeniable formulas, this surprise launch shook the beauty industry in ways you can’t imagine. MUAs, critics, editors and gurus are calling this new brand iconic. And rightfully so. Bringing 40 different shades to the market, its inclusivity has already made the brand a holy grail amongst make-up lovers. Including me! I made a vow not to go broke because of Fenty Beauty! And I’m sticking to that. Well, until October 13 when the holiday collection launches. Sue me. Along with Fenty Beauty, check out more fall beauty, fashion and lifestyle launches below.

Popular Fall 2017 Launches 

Fenty Beauty:  Launches Holiday Collection on October 13.(Click here.)

Starbucks: Announces new fall drink, Maple Pecan Latte.(Click here.)

Target:  Teams up with Hearth and Hand w/Magnolia. Collection available November 5.(Click here.)

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Dose of Colors| Desi x Katy: Back in stock of sold out line, September 24 (Click here.)

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Apple:  Releases iPhone X. (Click here.)

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Nordstrom: Launches new concept store called Nordstrom Local on October 3.(Click here.)

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Beyonce | Ivy Park: Self calls 2017 Fall/Winter collection a diverse celebration of beauty & strength.(Click here.)

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Wishing you a lovely, prosperous fourth quarter!

Heard of any new, new lately? Please do share!

As always, stay sweet, stay classy, my love.<3


“Beautiful Soror! I hope you are having a fabulous week so far.??” – I received that text message from my dear friend the other day. That message was a far cry from what my eyes have been reading lately: the entire island of Puerto Rico without electricity, Keeneka Jenkins found dead in a freezer, but there’s no video footage(how Sway?), Kevin Hart cheated on his wife(why Sway?), Mexico City hit with a 7.1-magnitude earthquake killing over 250 people, our President…I don’t have time to type it all, Houston is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, I could go on and on. With so much happening in the world today, it’s so easy to fall into a slump. While it probably took her seconds to type, that simple gesture of kindness brightened my week.

Today, I challenge you to do the same. How cool is it to know that sending a simple message or giving a genuine compliment can actually make someone’s day? And not just one person, multiple people. When you compliment someone, he or she may be enticed to compliment someone else and so on and so forth. We’re always complaining about how harsh this world is, but you never know what someone is going through. Show kindness even when that person is not so pleasant to you, they’re the ones that need it the most. A simple ‘excuse me’ or ‘thank you’ can really change someone’s mindset, especially if they aren’t use to hearing it or are having a bad day. If you’d like to see a change in your community, colleague or even a friend, try to incorporate the tips below into your lifestyle. The change you want to see starts with you. The gestures may seem a bit minute; however, the act of kindness is contagious and has the power to transform a person’s day, week or even life.

5 Ways to Sprinkle Kindness

  1. Send a Note – Whether it be a hand-written card or a simple text message, these gestures whisper “I’m thinking about you” in the most heartfelt way.
  2. Say ‘Please’ & ‘TY’ & ‘Excuse me’– Listen, I know I’m not your mother, but saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ go a loooonnngggg way. Remember the last time someone accidentally bumped into you while shopping and didn’t say ‘Sorry’ or ‘Excuse me’? Annoying, right? Probably altered your mood a little, right? Well, don’t be that girl. If you bump into someone…IT’S OKAY TO BE NICE and say ‘Excuse me’.
  3.  Genuinely Compliment Someone – If you see someone with a pretty hairstyle or a nice dress, tell her! You’d be surprised how much you can boost someone’s confidence just by a few words. She may be feeling down about the way she looks or her recent weight gain, but a genuine ‘Love that dress, girl!’ from a stranger can really help someone’s self-esteem.
  4. Leave a Little Treat – True story, not too long ago I was working on a very demanding project. Things were under control, but the stress of the job at hand was on ten. Later that day when the dust had settled, my colleague stopped by my desk to deliver a Modern Luxury DC Magazine | Fall Fashion Edition and said, “A little something to relax with later, you’ve had a busy day.” Although the magazine was free, the gesture was priceless. I’ll never forget how she made me feel that day. So, give a little something. It doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to be thoughtful.
  5. Have Patience – This one is tough. Girlfriend, trust me, I know –  especially in this day and age.  I don’t want to blame technology, but (cough) technology has made life so simple and accessible, we forget that human interaction can’t compete. God forbid, one wait in line for over three minutes to get her latte. She’ll be ready to curse the poor barista out.  However, one with patience would realize there’s five people in line, one person taking orders and one person making the drinks. So, it’s inevitable that she may get her drink in five or six minutes instead of three. Yet, she’s okay with that, because she has patience. One, who is slow to anger and has the patience of Job must be praised. I imagine a person with patience sprinkles kindness on a regular basis. Those are the people who don’t mind letting you over in rush hour traffic or holding the door for you…just because. Patience really is a virtue and takes a very strong person to exhibit. If you’re the chick cursing out the barista, try making a conscious effort to practice patience, so you too can sprinkle kindness.

When was the last time you sprinkled kindness? What did you do? Please share below.

Stay sweet, stay classy! <3


Happy Monday my loves! I hope your week is off to a great start. Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph Lilia Kazakova, Youtuber, blogger and CEO behind the website Lily-Like and Supplied By Lily. Lilia is the epitome of a Girlboss. As juggling a Youtube channel and a business aren’t already enough, she is, also, an international student studying Law at Georgetown.

Although crunched for time, I had a blast shooting promotional photos for Lilia. Nobody really understands how much work goes into getting the “perfect” shot. Nonetheless, we got exactly what we needed. Luckily, she’s a natural! Check out some of the shots below.

Be sure to visit Lilia’s Youtube channel and website. Tell her I sent ya!

Lilia | Lily Like
Youtube Channel: LilyLikecom
Instagram: LilyLikecom
Website: Lily-Like 
Business: Supplied By Lily