5 Ways to Sprinkle Kindness

“Beautiful Soror! I hope you are having a fabulous week so far.??” – I received that text message from my dear friend the other day. That message was a far cry from what my eyes have been reading lately: the entire island of Puerto Rico without electricity, Keeneka Jenkins found dead in a freezer, but there’s no video footage(how Sway?), Kevin Hart cheated on his wife(why Sway?), Mexico City hit with a 7.1-magnitude earthquake killing over 250 people, our President…I don’t have time to type it all, Houston is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, I could go on and on. With so much happening in the world today, it’s so easy to fall into a slump. While it probably took her seconds to type, that simple gesture of kindness brightened my week.

Today, I challenge you to do the same. How cool is it to know that sending a simple message or giving a genuine compliment can actually make someone’s day? And not just one person, multiple people. When you compliment someone, he or she may be enticed to compliment someone else and so on and so forth. We’re always complaining about how harsh this world is, but you never know what someone is going through. Show kindness even when that person is not so pleasant to you, they’re the ones that need it the most. A simple ‘excuse me’ or ‘thank you’ can really change someone’s mindset, especially if they aren’t use to hearing it or are having a bad day. If you’d like to see a change in your community, colleague or even a friend, try to incorporate the tips below into your lifestyle. The change you want to see starts with you. The gestures may seem a bit minute; however, the act of kindness is contagious and has the power to transform a person’s day, week or even life.

5 Ways to Sprinkle Kindness

  1. Send a Note – Whether it be a hand-written card or a simple text message, these gestures whisper “I’m thinking about you” in the most heartfelt way.
  2. Say ‘Please’ & ‘TY’ & ‘Excuse me’– Listen, I know I’m not your mother, but saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ go a loooonnngggg way. Remember the last time someone accidentally bumped into you while shopping and didn’t say ‘Sorry’ or ‘Excuse me’? Annoying, right? Probably altered your mood a little, right? Well, don’t be that girl. If you bump into someone…IT’S OKAY TO BE NICE and say ‘Excuse me’.
  3.  Genuinely Compliment Someone – If you see someone with a pretty hairstyle or a nice dress, tell her! You’d be surprised how much you can boost someone’s confidence just by a few words. She may be feeling down about the way she looks or her recent weight gain, but a genuine ‘Love that dress, girl!’ from a stranger can really help someone’s self-esteem.
  4. Leave a Little Treat – True story, not too long ago I was working on a very demanding project. Things were under control, but the stress of the job at hand was on ten. Later that day when the dust had settled, my colleague stopped by my desk to deliver a Modern Luxury DC Magazine | Fall Fashion Edition and said, “A little something to relax with later, you’ve had a busy day.” Although the magazine was free, the gesture was priceless. I’ll never forget how she made me feel that day. So, give a little something. It doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to be thoughtful.
  5. Have Patience – This one is tough. Girlfriend, trust me, I know –  especially in this day and age.  I don’t want to blame technology, but (cough) technology has made life so simple and accessible, we forget that human interaction can’t compete. God forbid, one wait in line for over three minutes to get her latte. She’ll be ready to curse the poor barista out.  However, one with patience would realize there’s five people in line, one person taking orders and one person making the drinks. So, it’s inevitable that she may get her drink in five or six minutes instead of three. Yet, she’s okay with that, because she has patience. One, who is slow to anger and has the patience of Job must be praised. I imagine a person with patience sprinkles kindness on a regular basis. Those are the people who don’t mind letting you over in rush hour traffic or holding the door for you…just because. Patience really is a virtue and takes a very strong person to exhibit. If you’re the chick cursing out the barista, try making a conscious effort to practice patience, so you too can sprinkle kindness.

When was the last time you sprinkled kindness? What did you do? Please share below.

Stay sweet, stay classy! <3


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