Best DC Happy Hour On A Beautiful Sunny Day

I don’t know another feeling that trumps that moment when five o’clock hits on a Friday evening. What a stress reliever it is to just finally sit back and woosah with your girlfriends over a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail, especially on beautiful sunny days! I’ve put together a list of my favorite DC happy hours for those days when the sun is out and shining bright. If you check any of them out, let me know by posting a photo with the hashtag #limcDCLiving. 

1. Marvin


If you love diversity and an eclectic vibe, this happy hour is definitely your speed. Many young professionals get together on this rooftop to enjoy a nice cocktail and conversation. If you’re in a dancing mood, the party revives up later in the evening, so grab another cocktail and head to the dance floor!

2007 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

2. Takoda Restaurant & Beer Garden

Takoda DC

New hot spot alert! Sooo, my girlfriend introduced me to this gem last week. Major key! I’m so in love with everything about this place: the ambiance, the atmosphere, THE VIEWS, the people, the ROSEMARY PARMESAN TOTS…I could keep going. I can’t wait to try their brunch! If you’re looking for a chilled spot with good vibes, this one’s for you.

Takoda Restaurant & Beer Garden Garden
715 Florida Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001

3. Jazz In The Garden

Jazz In The Garden

If you’re in need of an event that helps take away stress from the week, look no further, girl. Although super crowded, the music, limited inhibitions and pitchers of sangria are an instant stress reliever.  Going to Jazz in the Garden is like being in a movie…I kid you not. A few tips to keep in mind: It’s crowded – get there early, bring a blanket or lawn chair – limited seating around the lake, the concert may be canceled due to weather – check updates here, you can’t take alcoholic beverages through the gate – if you plan on getting a pitcher of sangria have someone from your crew stand in line while the others sang a spot to sit.

Jazz In The Garden
The Sculpture Garden
Constitution Ave at 9th St NW
Washington, DC 20565

4. Beacon Sky Bar


The view. The view. The view. I wrote it three times on purpose. It’s not called Beacon SKY BAR for nothing. This spot instantly puts me in feel-good mode. The best part – They serve happy hour 7 days a week! Yassssss. Need I say more?

Beacon Sky Bar
1615 Rhode Island Avenue NW
Washington, Dc 20036

5. Masa 14


This Latin-Asian spot is sure to melt the week’s pressures away. A little more upscale than the others mentioned in this post as a dress code is enforced. Electric music, strong drinks, and good company is a receipt for an amazing happy hour experience…you’ll find that at Masa. Go.

Masa 14
1825 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009



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