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Businesses: Partnerships & Sponsorships

In today’s society, it is crucial for businesses to have a strong presence online. If your company aligns with the mission and goal of LipstickInMyCoffee, let’s talk! I am open to partnerships, as well as sponsorships if I deem your product or service beneficial to my readers. Media kit available upon request.

Press & Events

I am open to contributing to online and print media and covering events in the DC area. If you have an event you’d like me to cover and feature on my blog, feel free to connect with me via email at

Motivational Speaking: Appearances

Finally, it is my passion to encourage our youth to grow into the purpose in which they were put on this earth to fulfill. Allow me to be a beacon of hope to your youth group. High schools, colleges, churches, group homes and girl scout troops, by all means, contact me. It’s time for a change.