Gift Guide for the Makeup Lover

Today’s post is all about the makeup lover. Whether your loved one is an expert or a novice in the beauty department, she’ll marvel at any of the gifts mentioned here. From application to removal, these products are practical and something she’ll ACTUALLY use. You can rest assure you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

Check out the gifts below.

Sonia Kashuk Makeup Bag –  The bag pictured above is only one of the many bags in the Target collection. No matter the personality of your girlfriend, sister, wife, friend, you’re sure to find one that she’ll love. There are a plethora of colors, designs and sizes to chose from. Check more of the bags out here, so she can travel in style.

Sodynee Makeup Organizer – Give her the gift of organization! No longer will she have to scramble for her everyday foundation, lipsticks, mascara and brushes as they’ll be in arms reach every morning. That feeling is BLISS! Best part – it’s only $14.99 from Amazon AND can also serve as a jewelry box. She’ll love you forever for this one. Check it out here.

Jaclyn H. Favorite Brush Collection – I know what you’re thinking – “if she’s a ‘makeup lover’, she probably already has these brushes”, which is a very valid notion. However, one can never have too many brushes. Each tool produces a different effect – one brush might be for blending her crease shadow, while another brush may be for blending her outer V to create the ultimate smokey eye. Are all these brushes necessary? Not exactly, but it’s Christmas, sooooo, a little splurge is accepted. Besides, you get a lot for what you pay for. Check out the entire collection here.

Easehold Lighted Vanity Mirror – Well, because….LIGHT. This gift will be perfect for someone who has to do her makeup in low light. If your loved one is a cheerleader, dancer or performer of any kind, she NEEDS this mirror! I wish I had something like this when I was cheering, because low light situations are the devil. Perfect lighting is ESSENTIAL when doing your makeup, so you don’t come out looking like Casper. Save her the embarrassment, wrap this portable gem and put it under the Christmas tree. Check it out here.

Lancome’s Merry Mascara Set – When I tell you, Lancome’s mascaras are literally the grandest on the market right now, trust me. They are the BEST! If she’s not already relishing in these mascaras, she’ll be astonished at how well these mascaras perform and delighted to receive this set on the 25th!! The primer isn’t exactly necessary, but it’s a total game changer. It amplifies the look even more. And when the day is done, she can wipe it ALL off with the included eye makeup remover. Check the set out here.

LuMee Duo iPhone X Case – So, once she beats her face, quite naturally she’s headed straight to her phone to capture the exquisite work she just did. Up her selfie game with this lit, no pun intended, iPhone case. A perfect selfie doesn’t exist without perfect lighting, so you can’t go wrong. Check the case out here.

If you’re in  a super crunch, take the easy route. Gift cards, sets and palettes are bullet proof gifts any makeup lover would enjoy.

Do you have any gifts to add to the list? Please do share below. <3


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