Lessons from a Sunflower

I’ve always admired sunflowers, mostly, because of how beautifully crafted and pigmented they are. It wasn’t until after a routine trip to the market, I realized how much value this flower really holds.

One lovely Sunday afternoon, my boyfriend and I stopped by Whole Foods to pick-up a couple things. Upon arrival, I was immediately drown to these beautiful, bright, healthy-looking sunflowers. After seconds of contemplating, we picked a batch up and carried on our way.

The next day, I took my flowers to work with me and put them in my Jrink glass. Although Jrink can be a bit pricey, at least the drink is delicious and the glasses make for a nice vase. The flowers looked beautiful and had me on a high the entire day. Everybody that walked by complemented how vibrant and healthy they were.

Before continuing this story, there’s one thing you should know about me – my green thumb doesn’t really work…no matter how hard I try. I’m working on that though, lol. Another thing you should know is I have the cutest pink cubicle at work that has absolutely no access to light. While I don’t have much knowledge about flowers my two colleagues, Tina and Ms. Norma, do. That Monday, Tina stopped by my desk and rendered some helpful advice. She said, “You know sunflowers are very durable flowers. Unfortunately, you don’t have any way to get sunlight over here, but if you keep them hydrated, they’ll last a long time.”

While I had all intentions to keep my beautiful flowers hydrated, it just didn’t happen. By Wednesday morning, the Sunflowers soaked up all the water. Thursday, still no water. The flowers were still looking as if I just bought them, so I didn’t bother refilling the glass. I know, I’m horrible…I told you I was working on it – LIMC is a no judge zone. So, stop judging, lol. Friday morning comes. I walked in the office determined to take care of my flowers that gave me great delight throughout my week. So, I did. As I watered the flowers, I thought to myself, “Despite the fact that there is extremely minimal sunlight and I failed to water these flowers, they STILL managed to stay strong and healthy.”

I wanted to put in that antecedent there, because I wanted to make sure you got it. Despite these flowers’ environment, circumstances and displeasures, they STILL managed to breathe, to live, to exude positivity and to be of great delight to others. I wonder what my sunflowers were thinking while persevering through my neglect to water them. Because they managed to remain vibrant and bright, I can only imagine that an ounce of optimism and faith in knowing I’d water them is what kept them alive. This notion reminds me of the scripture Pslam 30:5, “…Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

On this fine, beautiful Monday, let’s take a lesson from a sunflower and push through our circumstances, our hardships and our unpleasantries by having faith and knowing that joy is right around the corner.


Have a great day, Lovies!

Stay sweet, stay classy.<3



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