“DO have more fun with less makeup. Match your lips to your drink.”
I’m sure you’ve heard the saying less is more…well, whoever told you that is right. AND wrong!..Sometimes you just have to flamboyantly over do it. But for those “on-a-whim” summer nights, first dates, and happy hours when you’re seeking a more subtle, yet sexy look, try this minimal pop-of-color trend. It will for sure have mister at your favorite lounge turning his head. 😉
To create this classic look:
  • Find a color that best fits your skin-tone. (If you have trouble accomplishing this step on your own, ask a consultant behind a cosmetic counter to help you.)
  • Before applying your lipstick, be sure to MOISTURIZE and prime your lips. I simply use ChapStick and the POREfessional(primer). This step will allow the lipstick application a smooth finish that will last all night.
  • Next, apply lip liner. If you’ve already primed your lips this step is optional. Be mindful that it may change the original color of the lipstick. When applying the liner, fill-in the ENTIRE lip — I don’t know who started the “black-ring around the lip” trend, but whoEVER it was gets an “F” in Glamour Class.
  • Apply the lipstick.
  • Finally, add gloss. Gloss, of course, adds sheen to your lips, but it also can lighten color that is TOO loud for your skin-tone.
Once you’ve mastered this trend you can finally give your voice a rest and let your lips do ALL the talking!!!
Below are a few of my favorite Summer lipsticks(MAC):
  • Top Left: Mocha(Satin) paired with Beaux(Lustreglass)
  • Bottom Left: Ruby Woo(Matte)
  • Top Right: Up The Amp(Amplified) paired with Cultured
  • Bottom Right: CB 96(Frost) paired with Beaux(Lustreglass)
 Now get to a cosmetic counter and have some fun!!
P.S. For those of you skeptical about trying this out….Don’t be afraid of color! It will enhance your beauty if you do it right. I’ll never forget: I was once told that my face had VERY strong features. For a while, I tried to hide my lips, underestimating the beauty of them. But now? HA……I INTENSIFY THEM!

If you’re anything like me, you can appreciate a good read in the AM to accompany your first hit of JAVA, oatmeal and fresh blueberries. It’s an every day thing. Sue me, I’m addicted to the Jo.

According to an article from FastCompany.com, written by Laura Vanderkam, the most successful people wake up around 5:00 to eat breakfast, catch up on current events, exercise and/or strategize the busy day ahead. Vanderkam explains the perfect morning for a professional…
For Professional Growth:
  • Strategize: In an age of constant connectivity, people complain of having no time to think. Use your mornings to picture what you want your career and organization to look like in the future.
  • Read articles in professional journals: Benefit from other people’s research and strategic thinking, and gain new insights into your field.
  • Take an online class: If a job or career change is in the future, a self-paced class can keep your skills sharp.
While this blog will certainly not be your hardcore news read, it will definitely be a one-stop-shop for a stylish professional who enjoys learning how to accentuate personal growth. I will be posting information I’ve gathered over the past few years and the present: along with some miscellaneous non-sense … :).
Ladies, grab your “liquid addiction” and enjoy!
P.S. – If you don’t drink Jo, grab SOMETHING to sip, munch, whatever… what’s a good blog if you can’t indulge in little piece of Heaven while reading it?…….exactly.
***Email all inquires, comments, and/or suggestions to info@lipstickinmycoffee.com.