Yesterday, were you somewhere crying, stuffing your face with your last hot dog of the holiday, loving every bit but regretting it at the same time?


It’s okay, girlfriend. You’re not alone. I’m sure we’re all guilty of binging a little too much on the BBQ and booze.  But today, it’s back to the regular scheduled program: working out and meal plans. Below I share my top 5 ways to maintain your fitness goals throughout the summer.

1.) Make Your Way Outside – Although the weather has been a bit stubborn lately, I predict a beautiful summer ahead of us. Why not take advantage of the natural vitamin c God gave us? This will help elevate any excuses of being stuck in the gym and missing out on the sunshine. Maybe go for a hike, take a fitness class held in a park(DC has tons!) or jog around the city(one of the best ways to stumble across little boutique gems and restaurants).

2.) Get Fit With the Nike+ Training Club App – I’m so in love with this app for many reasons: it’s easy to use, it keeps track of my workouts, I’m able to share my fitness efforts with my friends and it gives me hundreds of workouts I can do at home or outside!

3.) Have a Lunch Workout Date – Welp, this knocks out the “I don’t have time” excuse. In DC, there are little parks in almost every area, such as Farragut Square, that’s perfect for lunch dates. But instead of stopping at the greasiest food truck you can find, why not grab a friend or colleague and have a stretching or toning session? Not only are you able to people watch and catch up on the antics of the weekend, but you’re able to release some endorphins after having to go back to work from a long weekend.

4.) Track Your Meals W/MyFitnessPal  – Just like the NTC app, this one is very user friendly. Tracking your meals is soooo incredibly easy with this app. It, also, helps with your weight loss goals by giving you the amount of macros you need a day, which is based on your current weight and exercise routine.

5.) Share Your Progress On Social – There is nothing better than seeing before and after pictures of your progress. Posting to social media makes you accountable for keeping your goals, because everyone’s watching. But not only that, by sharing your process, you may also encourage someone else to start their fitness journey this summer. Don’t be shy about this step, you may just be a beacon of hope to someone else battling with taking the plunge to living a healthier lifestyle.

I hope these tips are helpful! <3



Let’s face it – it’s the day before Memorial Day and you’re hungover from brunch. Cooking an immaculate meal for your cookout tomorrow is just not in the cards. While you’re still seeing orange, fuzzy stars from your mimosa and not exactly feeling Rachel Ray-ish, you can’t just show up empty handed. No worries, I’ve scrounged Pinterest and found some easy, last minute, instagram-able Memorial Day appetizers that are sure to be all the buzz(pun intended).  And yes, instagram-able is a word…UrbanDictionary says so. Nonetheless, I digress. Click the underline titles to get directed to the ingredients.

Flag Fruit Appetizer

Memorial Day Fruit Snacks -

Family Fresh Meals

7 Layered Flag Dip

Memorial Day Snacks -

Mariah’s Pleasing Plates

Red, White & Blue Fruit

Memorial Day Snacks -

Lydi Out Loud

Enjoy your cookout! <3



It’s finally Memorial Day Weekend, the first unofficial day of summer! DC literally went from winter straight to summer….no pause. It’s literally 90 degrees outside. We weren’t readddyyy(insert whining emoji). 

Although Memorial Day Weekend and summer snuck up on us, I’ve got you covered with some outfit inspiration that will take you from your first day party on Saturday to your last cookout on Monday. Best part, all items listed are inexpensive: Under $100! That leaves you a little wiggle room to order all the mimosas and coffees your heart desires! Thank me later. Xo

Day Party. 4:00pm

Crop Top 1 Crop top 5Crop Top 3Crop Top 2Crop Top 4

Crop Top – F21 | Jeans(similar) – Express | Heels – Fashion Nova

Brunch. 1:30pm

Memorial Day Outfit Maxi Dress 3Memorial Day Outfit Maxi Dress 2 Memorial Day Outfit Maxi Dress 4Memorial Day Outfit Maxi Dress

Dress – Fashion Nova

Cookout. 12:00pm

High Waisted Shorts High Waisted Shorts 3High Waisted Shorts 1
High Waisted Shorts 4

Shirt(similar) – Free People | Shorts – H&M | Heels – FashionNova




Story time: A long, long time ago there was this extremely busy young woman by the name of Nikki Elizabeth(me). Nikki, at the time, was an Account Executive constantly on the go. She’d start the day looking like Beyonce’ F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S, but ended up looking like Whitney circa 1988(no shade😩) at the end of the day. Nikki said to herself, “Oh no, girlfriend. Please get your life.” After much trial and error, Nikki finally found the perfect products that kept her looking flawless from 9-to-happy hour. Theeee end.

Thank God for happy endings, right?! That was aaalmost a horror story. Phew! But with all seriousness, these items are literally my holy grail products. When I was on my quest to find the perfect make-up that would last, I kept in mind my day. As an NFL cheerleader, some of my days are super-d-duper long. On practice days, I leave for work by 7:30am and I don’t return home until 10:00pm. I needed make-up that would stay put and not require a blotting session every five seconds. No bueno. Lucky for me…and the rest of my oily sisters, I have the all day flawless remedy.

1.) MAC Pro Longwear Foundation: Let me tell you, the make-up gods were looking out on this one! I’ve tried Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Foundation, no cigar. I’ve tried MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid, no cigar. With both, I always found myself blotting a couple times a day. With MAC’s Pro Longwear Foundation I NEVER have to blot. It still amazes me to this day. I’ll go to the bathroom and do a double take noticing that I don’t look like a frying pan. This foundation is FULL coverage and a bit thicker than most, so if you’re looking for something lite, you may want to shun away from this one. But if your skin is like mine, oily, with a few imperfections….make this your go-to!

2.) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion: Are you experiencing oily lids and dull eye shadow? You need this primer in your life. This product will not only prevent your shadow from creasing throughout the day, but it’ll also make the shade of the shadow more vibrant. What more can you ask for? This product trumps the other primers I’ve tried by tons!

3.) Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer: I’ve mentioned this face primer on the blog before. It’s just THAT good, it gets a second(or third) mention. Its silk like texture is enough to have you head-over-hills! This primer, paired with MAC’s Pro Longwear Foundation are a dynamic duo. You’ll be matte the entire day…I kid you not. Cue the fireworks!

4.) MAC Brow Set: Ever heard the phase, “Never trust a girl with bad eyebrows”? Well…it’s true. You can’t. Don’t be that girl. I love this gel, because it literally sets your brows in place all day. On those days when you’re too busy to get them shaped up, this brow set is your best friend.

5.) MAC Studio Finish Concealer: I always keep my concealer in my make-up bag or clutch to cover up those little imperfections that may creep up every now and then. This concealer is my favorite, not only because of its coverage, but because of its packaging. MAC tends to have a lot of glass containers, but for some one like me, a girl-on-the-go that’s cracked her iPhone at least a million times, this small plastic package is just right for me. Not to mention, it leaves a flawless application.

6.) MAC Zoom Lash Mascara: Although I love some good falsies, I don’t always have time to apply them every morning. But that’s okay, because MAC’s Zoom Mascara has me covered! A couple strokes of this mascara and my eyelashes are super black, lengthened and curled to perfection. Someone actually asked me if I was wearing false eyelashes once! Enough said.

7.) Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: Everlasting is an understatement. As you know, liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now and Kat Von D’s fit the bill! Some days, I start the day with coffee and end it with a glass of wine….and it’s still onnnn. Every #girlboss needs her hands on this lipstick. No joke.

What make-up products do you have in your arsenal that keep you looking fabulous all day? Do share!