Green Dress Miss USA

Happy Monday, my loves!

Before I even go into this post, can we just have a moment of silence for the new, STUNNING Miss USA, Deshauna Barber. (*Bows head). She slayed in every way imaginable during the Miss USA 2016 Pageant. Her poise and sophistication radiated last night, and although gorgeous, her gold, sparkling gown had little to do with that. She is the true representation of girl power!

 LipstickInMyCoffee digs that!

Speaking of slay, when I want to add a bit of umph to my Mondays, I typically go for a number like the green dress below. I’m in love with the silhouette of this dress: it shows off my curves, while still being sophisticated enough for work. This dress could definitely stand alone, but to spruce it up a bit, I added a statement necklace and strappy sandals. My office is pretty flexible when it comes to jewelry and heels, but if you’re in a more strict environment, stick with a classic pump and necklace to be on the safe side. Whatever you decide, make sure you rock it! 🙂

This week, experiment with this emerald hue, it’s all the rage this season. <3

H&M green dressGreen H&M Dress Half Green H&M Dress Proverbs

Dress – H&M / Necklace – H&M/ Shoes – Fashion Nova



Yep, that’s right! National Doughnut Day is June 3, 2016 and that means FREE doughnuts for all!…Well, until their supply runs out, of course. I suggest you skipping out on a couple zzz’s to stop in on your commute. The promotions from your favorite doughnut shops are below. Enjoy!

1.) Dunkin’ Donuts

2.) Krispy Kreme

3.) Zombie Coffee & Donuts


Buy 1 doughnut, get 1 free!

3100 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

4.) District Doughnut


749 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20003

5.) Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken


Buy 11 doughnuts and get 1 free! Buy an Apple Pie Doughnut and a portion of proceeds will go to the Fisher House Foundation.

1308 G St NW, Washington, DC 20004





Yesterday, were you somewhere crying, stuffing your face with your last hot dog of the holiday, loving every bit but regretting it at the same time?


It’s okay, girlfriend. You’re not alone. I’m sure we’re all guilty of binging a little too much on the BBQ and booze.  But today, it’s back to the regular scheduled program: working out and meal plans. Below I share my top 5 ways to maintain your fitness goals throughout the summer.

1.) Make Your Way Outside – Although the weather has been a bit stubborn lately, I predict a beautiful summer ahead of us. Why not take advantage of the natural vitamin c God gave us? This will help elevate any excuses of being stuck in the gym and missing out on the sunshine. Maybe go for a hike, take a fitness class held in a park(DC has tons!) or jog around the city(one of the best ways to stumble across little boutique gems and restaurants).

2.) Get Fit With the Nike+ Training Club App – I’m so in love with this app for many reasons: it’s easy to use, it keeps track of my workouts, I’m able to share my fitness efforts with my friends and it gives me hundreds of workouts I can do at home or outside!

3.) Have a Lunch Workout Date – Welp, this knocks out the “I don’t have time” excuse. In DC, there are little parks in almost every area, such as Farragut Square, that’s perfect for lunch dates. But instead of stopping at the greasiest food truck you can find, why not grab a friend or colleague and have a stretching or toning session? Not only are you able to people watch and catch up on the antics of the weekend, but you’re able to release some endorphins after having to go back to work from a long weekend.

4.) Track Your Meals W/MyFitnessPal  – Just like the NTC app, this one is very user friendly. Tracking your meals is soooo incredibly easy with this app. It, also, helps with your weight loss goals by giving you the amount of macros you need a day, which is based on your current weight and exercise routine.

5.) Share Your Progress On Social – There is nothing better than seeing before and after pictures of your progress. Posting to social media makes you accountable for keeping your goals, because everyone’s watching. But not only that, by sharing your process, you may also encourage someone else to start their fitness journey this summer. Don’t be shy about this step, you may just be a beacon of hope to someone else battling with taking the plunge to living a healthier lifestyle.

I hope these tips are helpful! <3



Let’s face it – it’s the day before Memorial Day and you’re hungover from brunch. Cooking an immaculate meal for your cookout tomorrow is just not in the cards. While you’re still seeing orange, fuzzy stars from your mimosa and not exactly feeling Rachel Ray-ish, you can’t just show up empty handed. No worries, I’ve scrounged Pinterest and found some easy, last minute, instagram-able Memorial Day appetizers that are sure to be all the buzz(pun intended).  And yes, instagram-able is a word…UrbanDictionary says so. Nonetheless, I digress. Click the underline titles to get directed to the ingredients.

Flag Fruit Appetizer

Memorial Day Fruit Snacks -

Family Fresh Meals

7 Layered Flag Dip

Memorial Day Snacks -

Mariah’s Pleasing Plates

Red, White & Blue Fruit

Memorial Day Snacks -

Lydi Out Loud

Enjoy your cookout! <3



It’s finally Memorial Day Weekend, the first unofficial day of summer! DC literally went from winter straight to summer….no pause. It’s literally 90 degrees outside. We weren’t readddyyy(insert whining emoji). 

Although Memorial Day Weekend and summer snuck up on us, I’ve got you covered with some outfit inspiration that will take you from your first day party on Saturday to your last cookout on Monday. Best part, all items listed are inexpensive: Under $100! That leaves you a little wiggle room to order all the mimosas and coffees your heart desires! Thank me later. Xo

Day Party. 4:00pm

Crop Top 1 Crop top 5Crop Top 3Crop Top 2Crop Top 4

Crop Top – F21 | Jeans(similar) – Express | Heels – Fashion Nova

Brunch. 1:30pm

Memorial Day Outfit Maxi Dress 3Memorial Day Outfit Maxi Dress 2 Memorial Day Outfit Maxi Dress 4Memorial Day Outfit Maxi Dress

Dress – Fashion Nova

Cookout. 12:00pm

High Waisted Shorts High Waisted Shorts 3High Waisted Shorts 1
High Waisted Shorts 4

Shirt(similar) – Free People | Shorts – H&M | Heels – FashionNova