How to Dress for the Office in the Sweltering Summer Heat

imageWelcome to the last week of July 2016! It’s going to be an extremely busy one…and HOT. Temperatures are suppose to rise to the upper 90s.? Anybody who knows me, knows I hate the heat with a passion. So, when it comes to dressing for the summer, I try to wear clothes that are lite and breathable like this adorable flowered, lace number by Antonio Melani. It’s literally the most perfect summer dress for the office or professional gathering.

My mom, slash stylist, slash manager, slash best friend, knows my style to a “T”! Anything with ruffles, lace, florals or pleats, she knows I’m here for. While out shopping, she picked this up for me. When I received it in the mail…I could’ve hugged her a thousand and one times. It’s everything!

Dressing for work during summertime can be super tricky: you want to look professional, but you don’t want to melt. I here you, sis. Here are a few tips to help you get through the treacherous temperatures without having to make a trip to HR.


1.) Save the dark colors for fall and winter. Black draws heat. If you’re unsure about incorporating color into your wardrobe, summer is the best time to experiment.

2.) Go for lite, chiffon, breathable type fabrics.

3.) Opt for more dresses. (One wouldn’t have to tell me twice. I live in dresses during the summer). Dresses allow air flow…if you catch my drift. Pun intended!

4.) Ditch the granny panties. I have to be frank with you. It is too hot for those grandma, cotton under garments. The goal is to be as free and cool as possible. Thongs or silk lace panties are your best friend in the heat. Plus, no panty lines!??


1.) Cover your feet. Girlfriend, let your feet breathe. Rock sandals that are suitable for the office like the ones you see in the photos. P.s. Flip-flops should never be apart of your initial ensemble. However, by all means, leave ’em under your desk in case the dogs start barking!

2.) Bear too much skin. Even when the temperatures reach hell status, complying with your office’s dress code is imperative. Before leaving the house, make sure the length of your dress is appropriate. And by appropriate, I mean no more than an inch and a half above your knee, depending on how strict your office is. On Friday, you may be able to get away with a dress that’s a little shorter. However, no matter what day of the week it is or how hot, always remember to follow the “fingertip rule of thumb” – all dresses and skirts should not come higher than your middle fingertip.



Dress – Antonio Melani

I hope this is helpful! Love you always. Stay sweet. Stay classy!<3



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