The Ultimate Grocery List & Meal Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle


Ultimate Grocery List

So, you’ve read my latest post about maintaining your fitness goals this summer. You’ve taken heed to all the tips, but you’re not seeing any changes to your body. You’ve tried every exercise in the book, but still….nothing. Question – Have you considered taking a look at your grocery list? It may be the reason why you’re not seeing any results. Ever heard of the phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen?” Well, that statement is so true! You have to fuel your body with nutritious, whole(REAL) foods to not only lose weight, but to fight chronic diseases, have beautiful glowing skin, healthy hair, strong nails – should I keep going? I could. The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are limitless! With that being said, I’ve constructed the ultimate grocery list and meal plan that will help you regain control of your health and lose those extra 5 lbs.

When I first started my fitness journey, I HATED grocery shopping, because I had NO CLUE of what to get and how the foods would affect my body and lifestyle. Fast forward to today, and I’m a lean mean grocery-shopping machine. When I go to the grocery store I go with a plan to get healthy, satisfying snacks and meals that last me an entire week for under $50. “FIFTY DOLLARS”, you say?! Yes, only 50 bucks.

First, you’ll want to create your meal plan for the week. Then construct your list. Typically, I choose two to three items of each food group.

The meal plan below is literally my go-to! I share it with all my friends and family who ask me to create a meal plan for them.

The Meal Plan

• Sautéed kale, scrambled eggs(2 egg whites & 1 yolk) and fruit
• Avocado whole-wheat toast, scrambled eggs(2 egg whites & 1 yolk)
• Reg. or low sugar oatmeal with fruit
• Turkey bacon and egg whites with toast
• Multi-grain/high fiber cereal with skim or 1% milk• Rice cakes
• Baked egg muffins with vegetables

• Apple or banana with 2 tablespoon of peanut butter
• Small salad with turkey or tuna
• Fruit bowl
• Tuna and wheat thins
• Veggie bowl
• Yogurt
• Rice cakes
• Trail mix
• Smoothie

• Lean protein
-baked, grilled, broiled chicken or fish
-ground turkey
-flank steak
• Vegetables
-Green beans
-Sauteed Kale or Spinach
• Complex carbs
-multi-grain rice(brown), multi-grain/high fiber bread, wheat pasta,
sweet potatoes
• Salad
-Veggies(cucumbers, green peppers, celery)
-Meat(lean ground turkey, chicken breast, salmon, tilapia, cod)
-Use balsamic and vinaigrette dressings…stay away from creamy

• Choose one from above

• Choose option from lunch
• If you’d like dessert: Jello, sherbet, Italian ice, frozen yogurt

SNACK(9:00/if hungry)
• Choose a small portion of a snack listed a about

Drink water. The recommended amount of water one should drink a day is eight 8 ounce glasses or 2 liters.

**Note: Don’t forget the extras like salad dressing(balsamic is delicious and easy on the calories!), spices and herbs, oils to sauté, coffee/tea, etc.

Grocery List

 Tips to keep in mind….

Tip 1: Before heading to the grocery store, search Pinterest for more healthy meal options. Use key phrases like Healthy Breakfast Meals, Healthy Snacks On-The-Go, Healthy Lunch Ideas or Nutritious Dinner Recipes.

Tip 2: Stay away from the middle aisles. Most processed foods live there. You’ll want to shop on the outskirts of the store which is where the fresh produce and raw meat live.

Tip 3: To save money, skip pre-cut foods. Cut the food up yourself. Pre-cut foods tend to be higher in price.

Tip 4: Don’t be afraid of frozen veggies. They are especially essential for the girl-on-the-go, as fresh produce will spoil sooner than frozen vegetables.

Tip 5: Freeze what you’re not eating. I know that sounds extremely basic, but you’d be surprised at how much food you can save by simply taking the time to freeze it. Remember, food is money. Just sayin’.

Tip 6: KISS – Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. Don’t stress about it. There are soooo many resources out there that can help you with your wellness journey. I’m one. Use me. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

To make life even easier, I’ve created a free printout for you.

Click LIMC Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List to print.





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